The higher perspective of consciousness

From the higher perspective, from the perspective of universal consciousness, all is well and unfolding at it should (as Robert Adams used to say).
The wisdom of consciousness sheds its light onto the mind reminding it of the path of love and surrender. Reminding it of the causeless peace, joy and happiness of being that is not the result of any activity, situation or relationship.

All hearts
The purity of being is not being a form, not being a man, a woman, a mother or father. Being is beyond the divisions of the mind.
From that perspective all is well and in good hands.
So, rather than remaining at the mind level, you can turn your gaze to consciousness and keep the company of consciousness until it reveals its full glory and magnificence to you.
It will as you tickle it with your attention.


S.C.:  This seems to be the new way of “faith” to me. Rather than believing groundless mind based concepts as the basis of my spirituality, my new mind based concepts are resonating with my experience of Presence. Much more real and authentic.

T.S.:  A part of me right now that is de solving in the heart, And i cannot describe it in words, but being read to by my heart, is a salty ocean of tears flowing into the ocean feeding feeding feeding.. And Rejoicing That All Is Well.


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