The eye cannot see itself

Friend: Some teachers say:
Just be still and do not search for the Self for this would be like your eye trying to see itself.

This comment is limited to the phenomenal eye. The physical eye cannot see itself, but that does not apply to consciousness.
The telescope cannot see itself, nor can it see the astronomer, but the astronomer knows he/she is the astronomer.

Consciousness can ‘see’ itself by Knowing/Being itself. Consciousness awakens to itself. It is not a physical seeing/awakening. It is an inner knowing that dissolves the old paradigm of ignorance (the belief that Being/Awareness refers to a physical self).
Once our interest in awakening is kindled it cannot be put out.

There is confusion about stillness.
True stillness (the Self) is not stillness of the body nor stillness of the mind. True stillness is a deeper stillness, beyond the body mind and refers to the essence of the universal Self. One could say that the stillness of the Self is the voice of God.

The realization of your true nature reveals this eternal stillness, peace, bliss, emptiness, fullness.

When the gaze is turned inwardly, contemplating the Self, contemplating the Source, the deeper stillness of the Self reveals itself in its full glory and transparency.

The deep inquiry into the belief that I am born, that I am a physical entity, along with complete surrender leads to the dissolution of this illusion and liberates you from the sense of separation. The contemplation of the Self reveals your true nature as That.

The physical eye cannot see itself, but the Self is all knowing, all ‘seeing’.
Awaken to THAT that is absolute, that is beyond any doubt and yet remains undefined and unknown phenomenally.


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