The eternity of God is infinite

We are helped in every way. God helps us and loves us. It is God’s love that sends us challenging situations, even seemingly desperate situations.
Just what is needed.


It might seem pretty desperate for the mind, impossible to bear and you wonder where is the way out?
God takes you in and it is in surrendering to God, at times a choiceless surrender that you are taken fully in. Torn apart without any remaining anchors to hold on to. Dissolving all your knowledge, all your systems, all your structures. Robbing the mind from its arrogant certainty.
The light reveals itself mysteriously. You can help it whichever way you can, by loving it all as you can, loving the entirety, remaining open to the love… Trusting Consciousness.
It is a moment by moment loving. A moment by moment surrender. A moment by moment trust in the divine mystery.
She rocks you.
The eternity of God is infinite.

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