The Dharma of words is not sufficient.

The Dharma of words is not sufficient. 
There is more to it. 
The collapse of the mind in its source reveals the complete absence of the diffracted separate self. Only awareness is. 
At first, consciousness is interested in itself via its creation. It creates the personal mind to explore a world and body. 
At some point, it decides to ‘return’ to itself. This return is unmitigated, direct, without any secondary means. 
Awareness is the reality of our experience and points directly to itself, from itself and as itself. 
It points to itself in all possible and imaginable manners. 
Albeit formless, awareness appears as all appearances without assuming the qualities of the dreams it dreams. 
Knowing yourself as awareness, a knowingness that does not come and go is Sat/Chit/Ananda.

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