Sharing insight

Wanting to share and looking for validation and support seem natural.
Insights into our true nature have a profound effect. Sometimes the effect of a glimpse are noticeable sooner and at times later.
It is like an irreversible crack in the shell of separation.

The mind is altered and recognizes a change which it conceptualizes as an object/experience. This gives the mind something to do: to have this so-called experience again and again.
That is impossible since the experience is a non-experience which transforms the mind. It is not an experience that the mind creates.
As much as possible and whichever way you can, hang with the perfume of this non-experience whenever it arises, without necessarily seeking it.
The guidance that is needed will appear to you, in spite of you.

Love 💗 of truth arises out of love and leads to the love that we already are.
The love that everything and everyone is.
The reality of being.

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