Remain watchful

Until you awaken to the non dual nature of the Self, remain watchful not to prematurely declare victory simply based on the clarity of your advaitic understanding.
Until you are established in your true nature that is causeless peace and happiness continue to study the way and the guidance that appears to you.
Some may argue with this. They say that such talk dangles a carrot and maintains the seeker. They disparage this pointer and claim: ‘There is no seeker and nothing to seek.’
~For the one that is established in true nature, that is true. But until this is true, it is not. Until unhappiness no longer haunts you, there is a seeker and there is seeking and you need to honor that and not disparage it with idle talk.
Non duality is being established as causeless peace and happiness. No need to dance around it.
Do not compare yourself with the teacher. If you are comparing yourself, there remains some arrogance and ego mind. For a truth lover, sooner or later, they dissolve in the teacher, beyond any comparison. If comparison remains, take a closer look.
Only the thirsty continue to seek the spring and they do so until their thirst is fullfilled at the source.

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