The key thing in contemplation is the contemplation of reality. Who cares about anything that is not real? What is the point of having all sorts of theories and discussions about that which is not real? It makes sense to stick with reality because reality is absolute. You will be wasting your valuable time by investigating or contemplating the illusory, the impermanent. Reality must be absolute, meaning eternal, infinite and universal, as well as impersonal and independent of anything that is not real. Ask yourself: Is it real? What is the reality of this question? What is the reality of this thought? What is the reality of this point of view? What is the reality of an appearance? ~~ We all know, or at least we should all know that awareness is real. Meaning, whatever it is that truly perceives is real. Whether you are perceiving a sunrise, a cloud formation, a bodily sensation or a memory of breakfast this morning, whatever it is that perceives is the same unchanging awareness. Awareness does not change whether you are perceiving the color red or the color yellow. Awareness is real. Next contemplate that ‘I’ is what we call awareness. I/awareness is reality. If you stay long enough with this simple but profound understanding and keep returning to it, all matters will come to their natural resolution.

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