One Consciousness


Friend: I have watched on YouTube where you say there is one consciousness. How do I know that there is one perceiver and that what I perceive and what my neighbor perceives is the same consciousness? Can this be proven? And why is this so important?

Reply: Consciousness is not perceived. It is the perceiver in chief, the reality that perceives. This reality we call I since it is always I that perceives. How many I are there? Are there infinite I or one I?
There is no doubt that there are infinite body minds. Infinite thoughts, sensations and perceptions. But it is always I that perceives.
So, we need to investigate how many I there is?
According to our experience, we only know one I, one Self, one ultimate knower. When you contemplate the I, the ultimate knower, you realize that it has no phenomenal qualities. It has no form, no size, no gender, no age, no beginning or ending.
Although the I has no phenomenal qualities, there is no possibility of denying it as it is the ultimate knower. The reality that perceives this very perception. You cannot deny Awareness, Knowingness, can you? That would be ludicrous.
Then you can contemplate that consciousness is non phenomenal and therefore borderless. Borderlessness means not two, non dual. Edgelessness means there are not consciousness A and consciousness B. Only consciousness, undeniably so. Infinite minds, thoughts, images, perceptions, sensations, One consciousness.

So, the experiment that we conduct to become certain of the One Consciousness, One I, One Self is not a scientific experiment with control samples and reliability validity through using various batches, etc. It is a non scientific experiment that goes directly to consciousness and inquires into its reality and its non phenomenality. It is not possible to conduct a scientific experiment that pertains to consciousness.

You ask: ‘Why is it important to realize one consciousness?’
Unhappiness is due to the belief that I am the body mind. When we confuse consciousness to be a body, an object, we experience the sense of separation and lack. This is why it is important to know your true self. Awakening to your true nature, to the reality and universality of consciousness frees you from the false beliefs. But this knowingness has to be all the way and not just a surface knowingness. It is not enough to get the indirect understanding that ‘I am not the body mind,I am consciousness.’ It is important to get the direct understanding. You look deeper and deeper and you investigate the feelings and bodily sensations until you recover the transparency and emptiness of the Self that you have lost in your identification with the body mind.

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