Nothing separates reality

In fact, nothing separates reality, nothing divides wholeness.
To be knowingly undivided is quite different from not knowing ones wholeness. We forget our wholeness whenever we identify with a form.
A king is indeed a king, no matter what.
But when the king believes he is a pauper he is in ignorance of his royalty and suffers imagined poverty as he wanders in the streets of his kingdom begging for food.
Thought is not the culprit and is not the source of suffering and ignorance.
It is the identification with the body mind, with the mortal form that is ignorance and suffering.
The limitless and eternal reality of consciousness is imagined to be limited and mortal.

Identification is the result of the I-thought, the me-thought at the mind level as well as the me-feeling at the body level.
The inquiry is the questioning whether the reality of my experience, what I truly am … is a mortal form or immortal consciousness … and whether consciousness (what I truly am ) is limited to a particular body mind or whether it is borderless and universal.

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