Love is magic. It is like beauty, like truth and humor, a complete mind stopper.
For those who contemplate truth, love is the destination as everything and everyone dies in love and is resurrected as love.

It’s timeless and cannot be spoken of except poetically.
Death reveals love. Not the illusory death of body minds, but the real death.

Love is the shining light of being/awareness void of the sense of separation and duality. In love there are no-two.

Love is Sat/Chit/Ananda 
It’s a divine aspect like the grace of God.

There is no one in love. Only love is and the being of love is void of personal impression.
Yet, love expresses itself via body minds and in doing so, it shines as eternity and infinity, as the one reality, as the shining light of awareness, impersonal and universal.
We are exhilarated by love as love dissolves us in its elixir and awakens us to our true seamless nature.
Love flows through us and in doing so, we tingle since we are particles of love. Only love is real, whatever is not love refers to the imaginary separate self, the belief/feeling I-thought me-feeling that haunts us in our ignorance of truth.
Love is light of awareness shining within us calling us to itself, calling us to the transparency of being that knows no opposite. The transparency that I Am, that all is.
In/as love, we are everything and everyone without ever being anyone or any thing.

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