Looking deeply into the emotions

No matter what the life condition is, if one is capable of looking deeply into the emotions, one comes onto their emptiness.

Not many have heard this message and few are able to hear this message. Not many who hear it are able to comprehend it and live it. For many it may be premature.
A seed sprouts when it is time for it to sprout.

For most of us, the conditions of our life is what matters and we are enmeshed in the daily affairs. So it is. Such folks are doing their best to alleviate their suffering by dealing with their daily situation. Not good, not bad.

In time it may be realized that the mind may provide some improvement in one’s daily life, but not the happiness of the heart.

Until you come onto the open field, you may be in the thick of the prickly woods. When you are in the woods, you are dealing with the current situation trying to make your way out to the clearing.

Sooner or later you get some information about the correct direction out of the woods. This information is precious. But you have to follow it so you make it out of the thick and into the light.

As my friend Rita Friedman said: “Go into your fears and see they are not real.”
You may realize that you are not what you imagine you are.

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