Living in a bubble

It’s already quite a progress to realize that you are living in a bubble, that something is off and you don’t know what it is, but you can feel it. It’s much better than complete ignorance because ignorance is not bliss, ignorance is unhappiness, a sense of dullness and incompleteness.
Once you realize that you’re living in a bubble, you have access to that which knows that. You are overlooking the intimacy of your knowingness in favor of being a known entity, which you are not. 
Obviously a full-blown glimpse into the beyond is God’s love shining onto you.
But God never abandons its children. Everything you know refers to God’s knowingness and not to a personal knowingness. 
At any point in time you can turn your attention to that which perceives, the reality of your experience which shines equally onto everything that appears. 
It is the light of knowing, the light of awareness that is appearing to itself, out of itself, as itself as various manifestations. 
Like in your night dreams. Out of yourself, you appear to yourself as various forms and shapes. While in fact all along, you remain as you are.

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