Living according to your conditioning

As long as you continue to live according to your conditioning, you will experience the numerous unhappy conditions of the carnal mind. You will continue to experience the human roller coaster, the violence, the neglect, the abuse, the exploitation as long as you do not look deeply into your conditioning.
Your primary conditioning is that you are the human body form and that others are limited mortal body forms. That is false. It is a belief that has not been examined.
This primary conditioning overlooks the wholeness, the totality of awareness/consciousness and mistakes your divine Self to be the mortal body mind. You are not what appears. You are that to which all appearances refer to.
And that is formless, boundaryless awareness that has no name, no gender and no owner.
When you identify with the body form, its gender, its shape and looks, its thoughts and feelings, you have reduced yourself to be a series of events, which you are not.
You are the wholeness of being/awareness.
You have tried being a human form for many centuries and millenniums. It has not led you to peace and happiness. Why continue to rely on a defective model?
How about trying being formless, universal awareness?

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