Leftover vasanas


You can fool so-called others, and you can even fool yourself but for only so long…
Eventually, the leftover vasanas that are not being addressed, which remain veiled by the partial understanding that we hold on to, will start to decay and the foul smell of ignorance will rise.
The sages speak clearly: All is the Self. There is but one reality shining as infinite minds but remaining one reality.
Until we are fully dissolved as that which is, the dissolution is still under way.

In terms of recognizing a sage, you cannot base your recognition on what seems. The sage is silent but it is not the silence that appears. It is the invisible (realized) silence of the Self.
When you are in the presence of a sage, you experience yourself as that. It is that experience that draws you.
But if you rely on the mind to recognize the sage, you remain in the mind.

Claiming to be a sage expresses that there is still a separate one that is still on board.

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