It is possible to experience the mind from a place that does not move

It is possible to experience the mind from a place that does not move. No effort is needed. When you are trying, you are engaging the mind in the me-activity and this veils the peace of being and feeds the personal, which is a stream of thinking and feeling.
It is very subtle. The person and the personal effort that hides so well behind and within its thinking and feeling of stilling the mind and experiencing a state of peace, which is not the real peace as the real peace is not a state and does not refer to a person with all the impressions of time and success/failure.The pendulum is the me/not me, me/better me, me/failing me… thinking and feeling and so much image making about better and worse, good and bad, success/failure
In fact, it is possible to see this entire process as you perceive these words on the screen right now, from a place that is completely still and self aware but this is not via effort, rather it is sort of resting as awareness, which is. Awareness is… In fact it is awareness/beingness awaring itself as seeing, so to speak and in doing so, there is no effort, is there? Simply being/awareness
Effort refers to a person/images in time and space/more images and thinking/feeling… the surface of the ocean… waves of thinking and feeling… looking for peace of being which is not an object of perception or an object of experience. Not an object at all. It can be referred to as the ultimate subject, but without an object, without any lack or activity that is looking for anything.
What is that truly perceives? That truly is? No thinking is needed and yet, thinking is not a problem…

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