It is mind blowing!

Isn’t it mind blowing that consciousness chooses to conceive, create and experience worlds of diversity, minds of creativity and bodies of sensations?
And to do so, it chooses to become numerous human and other forms and experience infinite experiences.
It does so without ever truly leaving itself. 
Amazing, isn’t it? 
Such a wonder!! 

Consciousness forgets itself, mimics being persons and other forms in order to experience its creativity and at some point chooses to engage in self remembrance. 

It sends angels to praise its virtues, gurus to guide its forgetful self back to itself, birds, bees 🐝 and butterflies 🦋 to remind its forgetful self of its majesty and saints to remind itself of its beatitude.

Wonder of wonders the realization of the significance of god and awakening to her!

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