Is experience the cause of suffering?

Is experience the cause of suffering?

Perceiving a butterfly is an experience. Drinking a glass of water or recollecting my sweet cat is also an experience. There is no suffering there.
Suffering is the sense of separation, which is the belief and feeling that there is a separate personal consciousness. The belief and feeling that I am a mortal body mind. The belief and feeling that I is a person.

Seeking experiences assumes that there is a personal self who needs something to be happy. Behind this experience-seeking is the belief that I am a person lacking and needing. The belief that I will be made whole by attaining a certain state.

Unhappiness is made out of desire and fear, which are inevitable as long as we assume that we are a mortal self.

The root of suffering is unexamined belief. The unexamined belief that I/consciousness is a mortal body mind.

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