Is everything samadhi?

It depends what you mean by everything and what you mean by samadhi.
By everything we usually refer to the world body mind, to what appears and disappears, to the apparent, the impermanent, the phenomenal.
By samadhi we usually refer to the ultimate, to the absolute reality, to the causeless happiness of Being Awareness.

One could say everything is samadhi since we know in our deepest intuition that there is one reality. Thus not two.

But of what use is that statement? It is of little use as long as we are still experiencing separation and feeling a personal opinion that we need to defend, preach or identify with.

Everything is samadhi gets its true meaning from your complete dissolution and realization of your true nature as universal Self as well as from your contemplation and meditation upon its hidden meaning. It is meaningless as a platitude, as a non dual slogan.

As long as you are experiencing things, the question remains: What is it that is experiencing and what are experienced things? What is the reality of things? What is the reality of the subject and its objects? What is phenomenal reality? Is there such a thing as phenomenal reality that changes like the weather changes? Is it possible for reality to change?

As long as your interest is academic or personal, the separate self impression remains and the meaning of ‘All is the Self’, ‘everything is samadhi’ evades you.


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