Invite the peace and happiness

You can invite the peace and happiness in your life if that is what you really want. There is no need to beat around the bush. Go directly to it.
For that, you need to abandon your conditions and all the hurdles that maintain the sense of limitation. Hurdles that you have been maintaining for so long. Using them to define you, while all along, they only serve to limit you and bind you.

Nicole Bennett Oregon sky       But are you willing to do that?
Are you willing to say: Yes, I will proceed without the past and future. I will let go of all illusions and of all past conclusions and proceed open handed, happens what happens?
Is the fear that you have nurtured in the past and projected in the future going to continue to be your guide?
Freedom is freedom from yourself. No pretty words will free you. Only your willingness to release and surrender all your stories, history, herstory and be fresh moment by moment.
In the freshness of now, you can know yourself as this open space of presence, aware, awake, presence.
There! is your freedom, all along awaiting your recognition and awaiting your acceptance. It is all about the happiness and celebration and not the maintenance of the old programs of identification and mortality.

Photo by Nicole Bennett

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