In this dream experience that we share…

In this dream experience that we share, whereby we experience each other as separate entities and we experience a shared world and mind; what is it? What is its reality? Its substance? 
Where are the romans from the Roman Empire and where are the Aztecs and their culture?
Where are the pharaohs and their building crew sweating as they lift the pyramids in place?
What are these sidewalks we tread and these coffee shops we frequent? What are these worlds that appear to us. 
What is going on really?
A dream. A waking dream. 
And a night dream with a wider, looser sense of play and creativity. Looser connections, the wider reach of night dreams. 
We have landed on the moon. Landed a probe on Mars. Built space stations. Sent astronauts in space. 
What is going on really?
What am I truly? Whose experience is this?
Appearances. Mind events. 
In all experience, the one constant is I Am. 
I am and I know that I am. 
I dream myself as a me and a you and a world appears. 
I am is the reality of all dreams. I am aware is the undeniable constant of all events. 
Your private mind is yours. 
But you are mine, including your private mind. 
I dream you and all your worlds out of myself.

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