In the form it is the formless that you love

In the form it is the formless that you love. The beauty, the sweetness, the openness.
Out of its infinite freedom, the formless appears as all form. Such awe! Such majesty!

Look at your night dreams. Aren’t they absolutely miraculous?

In the form, you celebrate the formless. You celebrate the beyond that you are. You celebrate your omnipotence and magnificence.

It is the recognition of your infinity and eternity that you celebrate.
The freedom, the peace, the vastness of being that does not depend on any mind event and yet creates all event impressions.

You are this vastness. You are the freedom that you love. You are the joy and bliss that you celebrate in every celebration.

You have never been a limited body mind event. You can let go of this false impression and rejoice in your universality.

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