In ignorance, I am a mortal body mind

In ignorance, I have accepted that I am a mortal body mind, a person. Once that assumption is established and not questioned, thoughts arise all of which refer to this me, the body mind I feel I am.
Judgmental thoughts. Blaming thoughts. Praising thoughts. Hopeful thoughts. Regretful thoughts.
Unhappy thoughts.

In ignorance, thoughts refer to I as a me, as a person. 
We get wrapped up in emotions and we find ourselves struggling to find a way out.

As long as the initial assumption that I am born, that I am mortal is not closely examined, the echoes of ignorance continue to haunt us.

Ask yourself: ‘What am I truly?’ 
Allow whatever is arising to arise freely and contemplate the vast spaciousness of awareness. The depth and vastness of being.

It’s always there, available, silent and loud. Loud with its silence, with its vastness, with its stillness.

There is no you as a separate self in the midst of awareness, in the midst of stillness.
You are all of it and none of it.

It’s unexplainable and yet, it is real, the one reality, that which you will always find, when you look. You will always find it as it is your very self.

But you cannot find it via thought or memory.
What you truly are is not in time and not in thought.

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