In a timeless flash, we may realize the emptiness of our belief structures

Magdi Badawy

We may have a glimpse of our true nature. Through this glimpse, in a timeless flash, we may realize the emptiness of our belief structures, the illusion of the personal self and the glorious wholeness of consciousness.

In this glimpse, which is not in time, the mind is completely absent as it dissolves instantaneously into the source.

Yet, given that the conditioning and the identification with the body mind are very deep, the me feeling, the identification and the angst return after the glimpse.

Ignorance is still on board and yet, as a result of the glimpse, the journey to freedom is now engaged. Things are no longer the same as before.

The mind, meaning the sense of personhood arises from the ashes of the glimpse and transforms the glimpse into a memory, into an experience that it seeks to re-experience.
Character flaws remain mostly intact.

At the feeling state, the me-feeling remains. It is composed of sensations that define the Self as a personal me, as a particular person, as a mortal body mind.
One could say that the me-feeling is a bundle of character flaws. When triggered by life events, the remaining ignorance arises as feelings and emotions such as irritation, impatience, attachments to family, to sex, to political views, to health, to money, to image, to desire, to needing admiration, etc.

There is an important and arduous contemplation and inquiry after the glimpse which consists of clearing the vasanas from the body.
It may take many years for the remaining tendencies of ignorance to dissolve.

As our contemplation continues beyond the initial glimpse, ignorance continues to leave the body mind and many insights follow.

The character flaws dissolve and the previous tendencies of ignorance are replaced by a deep undisturbable peace and wisdom.


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