I does not refer to an object of perception.

I does not refer to an object of perception. 
I/awareness is not defined by thinking, feeling, sensing. 
Appearance refers to me while I remain undefined by appearance. I am beyond any reference as I am eternally self-referent. 
I am the transparent spaciousness of awareness. 
The transparency of being. 
The borderless presence of being. 
The knowingness of the known. 
I am the source of being, the creator of all creation, the knower, the absolute. 
You recognize me as the knowingness beingness in/as everything but not a thing nor as a personal knower. 
This recognition is ever available. 
As you look beyond personal mind impressions, to the reality, eternity, infinity, transparency of the dreamer, you recognize the source that dreams your dreams out of herself. 
She dreams everything and everyone without giving rise to any external objects. 
She is the real I that I Am, that everything is. 
There are no things.

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