I am Buddha

The revelation is that I am already the Buddha appearing as infinite mind impressions without ever being stained or tainted by any.
While I do nothing, all seeming things are done by me. All phenomenal events are infused with my grace.
Like during the night dream, all dream events are infused by the dreamer: universal consciousness, the One and only reality.

Behind all seeming activities is the stillness, the peace and infinity of the Self. The eternity and glory of the Self. Unmoved and untouched by the images on the screen.
As this understanding dawns onto you and is revealed to you, you dissolve in this understanding only to arise as the Phoenix of the Self.
It is this dissolution, the dissolution of the me-impression that is the establishment of the Self. Once this recognition no longer leaves you … freely and joyously, you ride the tip of all pinheads defying gravity and the impressions of time and space.

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