How do I reach my full potential?

Friend: How do I reach my full potential? I find myself addicted to media and technology and unable to get beyond to reach my full potential.

Reply: Personal potential is illusion as there is no personal self. 
When you look for the person, you only find images, thoughts and sensations, and no person. So personal potential is a dream potential.
The I that is addicted to social media is illusion, the false I. The I-thought does not refer to the reality of the Self but to some illusory set of images and feelings that you believe you are.
Once you fully awaken from this illusion, the I-thought no longer arises and the entire conversation about personal addiction is seen to be empty.
Until then, it seems real and troubles you.
Friend: I am interested in awakening from this dream and realizing my full potential.

Reply: The contemplation of the root cause of ignorance is the path. The I-belief should be investigated day and night.
The mind will try to hijack you, will try to grab you in thoughts and feelings, to divert you in becoming a feeling-fixer.
Beware of such diversions and keep returning to ‘What am I truly?’, ‘What is the reality of my experience?’ without relying on thought, without relying on the past.
Friend: That is difficult to do. Easy to say but difficult to live.

Reply: As long as you believe thought, it remains your master. You are the master of thought and not its subject. Awaken to your Self and not to your downstream.
Thoughts do not know you.
Keep the company of sages that inspire in you the stillness and peace of the Self.

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