How can we achieve silence or how can we be silent?

Conversation with a friend (Dec 29, 2017)
Friend: Dear Magdi. How can we achieve silence or how can we be silent?

Reply: Silence is our true nature and not something we achieve. It is not the silence of the body nor the silence of the mind. It is the return of the mind to the source.
When the mind returns to the source, then you know your true Self as silence.
You achieve silence by realizing that you are silence and that is nothing you achieve. The silence that is achieved is also lost.
True silence, the silence that IS is neither achieved nor lost.

Friend: Ok

Reply: Inquire into the belief that you are a man, that you are a mortal body mind. This belief is in the way of the recognition of your true nature as Silence.

Friend: Wow! Great path to realize, but i get confused between two thoughts. The thought that we don’t need to believe anything, life the way it is heading is wonderful and the thought that I need to believe.

Reply: Belief is shallow and empty and is not based on any evidence. It is an unnecessary crutch. The main beliefs you need to investigate is the I-thought. In other words, the belief that you are a body mind.

Friend: I agree. Belief is empty. I think I do not have any belief now. And yet, my mind is in search of something. Sometime I think the mind will always be in search coz it has to do something.

Reply: Yes, the mind is like a mad man. But the mind has a master. Accept your role as the master and not the servant. The master is free, the servant is not. But first you need to know your true Self. Without this recognition, you will continue to be hypnotized by thoughts and feelings.
It is not enough to adopt a new belief such as :I am the master. The recognition requires serious and assiduous contemplation of the Dharma.

Friend: Agreed. Thank you sir.

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