Happiness does not reside in the world body mind.

Happiness does not reside in the world body mind.
Seeking and perceiving happiness in the world body mind will disappoint you and will delude you and others. Commonly, the external world body mind relates to an imaginary separate me-self. The unhappy sense of limitation is at the core of the me-impression.
Over and over you can feel the pinch of the world body mind that relates to you as a separate person.

Only awakening from your imagined separateness, only awakening from the me-illusion will reveal your inherent freedom.
All around you is a world that tantalizes you. One moment it gives you what you want and the next it takes it away.
One moment you are an attractive youth and the next an aged elderly.
One moment you are on top of the heavens and the next you are in the midst of a nasty divorce.
What will it take for you to cease this infantile and unhappy me-impression that banks on the world body mind for happiness and that displays its vanity and its temporary gains that in an instant are forever gone?
How many more infantile games and trickery will you maintain and bear?
Contemplate the eternal, the reality and universality of consciousness … that is tender and loving… that does not suffer from the subtle and not so subtle virus of personhood and me-ness.
No one else can do this exploration and contemplation for you. No need to postpone.

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