Fear is self generated

Given there is only you
As universal borderless presence
Fear is self generated
An internal panorama
That does not reflect any actuality.
Within your very self
You imagine danger
Since you have separated yourself
From the wholeness of Being
Giving rise to external worlds
And external others
You separate yourself
As a body mind
But… not really
How can awareness be separate?
Separation is illusion.
You are closer than close to yourself
In fact you are at zero distance
From yourself
And at zero distance from your very mind.
This what is it to fear?
You know others within your mind
As your mind
Which is not apart from yourself
You have never know anything outside your mind
Nor outside yourself.
Your mind is like infinite movies
Like the weather
While you are the borderless screen
Like the wide open sky.
The peace you are seeking
Is not between you and another
Rather it is the peace within your very mind
Between yourself and the imagined other
That is also within yourself
As yourself.
I wonder:
Am I within my mind
Or is my mind within my awareness
At zero distance
Like everything else?
As I separate myself
Fear arises.
How real is this separation?
How happy is it?

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