Everything you know, you know within yourself, awareness.

Everything you know, you know within yourself, awareness. All that which is known, is known as your very self, awareness. There is no knowing outside of awareness. Awareness is knowingness. 
Awareness is intimacy of knowing in which the known, the knowing and the knower are one. 
In fact, there is no separate personal knower outside of the knowingness of awareness. 
When you look for the mind, you do not find it. You only find being/knowing which is not limited by time or space. 
Time and space appear as soon as you separate yourself from the totality of awareness as a separate entity. 
When awareness is personalized, it is segmented it into separate entities, which are nowhere to be found. 
The experience of time and space arises via this segmentation and the thorn of mortality as well as the sense of lack and incompleteness simultaneously arise. 
That is the impression of separation which never truly separates consciousness/awareness which has no opposite such as mind or world. 
The contemplation of awareness reveals it is that which you are. 
That which everything is.

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