Eternity does not belong

Eternity does not belong to the me impression, does not belong to the body mind personal impression, does not belong to the identification.
Reality does not belong to the dream. The dream comes and goes but that which knows all dreams does not come and go. It awaits your recognition.

As long as you maintain your focus, love and interest on the world body mind you are ignoring the reality of consciousness, and you remain entangled in the dream.
It is only your recognition of the reality and universality of consciousness that liberates you from the illusion of personhood and from the impression of a separate material reality. It is a recognition of your own reality, not as a dream character but as the universal and borderless aware presence that perceives all perceptions.
The teaching that says: ‘there is no one and there is nothing’ does not express the full realization of the Self.
The contemplation must go deeper and requires the guidance of a sage as well as your love and determination.
The sage can only guide and respond depending on the student’s interest.

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