There is no way for peace outside of yourself. Without the internal peace the external peace is not possible.
You must apply yourself to find the internal peace since it is your business and not anyone else.
Of course, you can seek help and advice but no one can cure your internal ailments. You can listen to various pointers and some may resonate. Whatever resonates for you, it will be your business to reflect upon it and to see how you can apply it in your life.
I can share with you that you live very selfishly and in doing so, you are digging your own hole and you are creating your own unhappiness.
When you look at everything from a different perspective, the perspective of equanimity, things will change for you.
Equanimity is a path, once you start it, it keeps widening and it keeps expanding, deepening, revealing there is more and more opportunities for equanimity.
The path of equanimity bring equanimity inside you and it also brings equanimity in your life and this equanimity affects those who are around you.

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