Does suffering ever end?

Does suffering ever end?
Yes, it does. 
But not for Santa Claus.

For Santa, getting ready every year for Christmas, reading everyone’s wish list, overseeing the creation of various gifts, catering to the elfs, making sure the reindeer are well kept and fed, making sure his own health is maintained, the timely distribution of gifts and all these cookies and milk to eat… is hard work! So many things to keep track of, not to mention the financing of the enterprise and dealing with folks who are disappointed with the gifts, the returns, etc. Quite overwhelming!

Is Santa happy? Does Santa Suffer?
Of course Santa does suffer! It goes without saying that he is unhappy. Such a repetitive and boring life, going on for so many years. And for what? The world is still in upheaval and does not seem to be improving. Quite depressing for Santa, wouldn’t you say?

One could say that suffering never ends as long as you mistake yourself to be the mortal body mind. How could suffering end when we believe and feel mortal, separate, isolated, alone in the world with a few faithful friends who may turn on us any day? Being a separate self is like living in cocoon.
For the separate self, nothing is certain in this world. Money comes and goes, health comes and goes, relationships come and go.

How does suffering end?
Santa and all his affairs come to an end once you clearly see your dad dressing up in the Santa costume.

A glimpse in/of your true self cracks the jar but does not shatter it. It begins the journey to the end of suffering.
You may glimpse that consciousness/awareness does not suffer. That it is not in time and space. That it has no stories, nothing to defend, nothing to seek or avoid. 
Suffering will continue, maybe with lesser intensity and frequency, but it will continue until the clarity is absolute.

As long as the belief and feeling that you are born and that you exist in time and space is not completely extinguished, suffering continues.

Some argue that suffering is an integral part of awakened life.
That is not my experience.

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