Does awareness include the personable self?

Awareness seems to ‘self’ as long as truth is not fully revealed, as long as the me-identity remains.
The revelation of the Self reveals that Awareness does not ‘self’, does not do any ‘selfing’. The mind seems to.
‘Selfing’ is a mind impression and not truth.
The revelation of the Self eternal brings an end to ignorance, brings an end to the ‘selfing’ impressions and processes.
The screen does not take the form of the minds image.
It remains pristine, unmoved and untouched.

PB: ¬†This ‘selfing’ we speak of is only happening as mind impressions, aren’t these mind impressions awareness itself? being there is nothing else but awareness? There is an understanding that when a baby is born all this information of concepts gets fed into the consciousness of that baby, creating a sense of an entity, and ignorance is born in the form of mental impressions, which causes suffering…What is creating this ignorance of conceptual designation? Thanks Magdi

Magdi: What matters is to be free of ignorance. To realize the non dual nature of the Self.
Is Santa real? What is creating Santa? Such questions come from the belief that Santa is real.
There is one reality. That is the reality of consciousness awareness, presence. It is second to none.
Once ignorance is removed, only the Self remains … impressions of separation and duality cease. Turn your attention to the source, to the background of presence and not to the foreground of the mind.

DS: Before ignorance is removed, there is also only the Self in existence. It can create a false impression of what will happen to the knowable world, to say once ignorance is removed, only the Self remains. Ignorance does not oppose the Self. It can not for it is only an apparition of it. The Self, does not know or care if you are ignorance or free.

Magdi: The Self does not know ignorance.
Ignorance is a mind impression like the belief in Santa

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