Do you believe in the existence of a soul?


Whatever one believes does not matter since it does not reveal what is real. What matters is to know what is real and not to hold on to beliefs which vary from tribe to tribe.

If ‘soul’ is real, then ‘soul’ would be real right now, in this very instant (and in all instants).

Therefore… Right now, what is the reality that we are calling ‘soul’?

When I look at this question, when I look at what is real right now, I only find Awareness/Presence. Everything else appears and disappears. Awareness does not.

This Awareness is non phenomenal. It does not appear as an oak tree appears and yet, it is undeniable. What would deny awareness?

You can call the reality of awareness by any name. You can call it Soul, Reality, Truth, Awareness, Consciousness, Brahman, God, etc. The name does not matter. Truth is truth, reality is reality no matter by what name it goes.

What matters is the revelation that this reality (Soul, or whatever you may call it) is eternal and is non phenomenal. Meaning it does not depend on anything. it is unborn and therefore it is undying.

What also matters is to realize that this reality is the only reality and the reality of the world, body mind as well as its own reality.
Reality is non-dual.

Upon deeper inquiry, we may come to the realization that this reality (call it by whatever name you want) is what we refer to as ‘I’. The Self.

Borderless Aware Presence that has no beginning and no ending, that has no opposite, that is absolute and universal.

It is not a thing.
It is everything and nothing.

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