Do not overlay your own script onto God’s silence

When you overlay onto God’s voice your own voice, when you overlay onto God’s form your own for, when you overlay over God’s silence your own script, you are no longer able to hear her or perceive her.
She is the eternal light shining as everything and everyone but you look at her via your own narrow mental perspective and you distort her according to your belief in birth and death which you have inherited and fail to let go of.
God shines as everything and everyone. Wherever your eyes fall is God’s body and mind. 
Do not discriminate this against that. Do not engage in the duality of good and bad which is the creation of thinking and feeling taking you away from God’s grace.
Return to her garden. Return to her absolute presence which never leaves you. 
Love God beyond everything else. Love only God in/as everything and everyone, no matter how she may choose to appear to you. If she appears in the garments of a pauper or as the daughter of a queen, it is the same light, it is the manifestation of the same source.
She is ever available to you as the aware presence that shine through you, appearing as all appearances.
It is her that perceives.
It is her that you perceive.

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