Desire for an object

Desire for an object refers to a separate self which is desiring a separate object. Such desire maintains the sense of separation and the sense of lack. 
Desire for truth, desire for freedom, for love and beauty is different in that such a desire is not for an object. 
It is desire for the end of desiring objects. It is desire for desirelessness. 
In the recognition of truth, we recognize the reality of awareness, presence. That which does not appear nor disappear. Which does not come and go. 
Desire for desirelessness is realized in the recognition of the reality of universal being/awareness. 
The now is not in time. It is the stillness of being/awareness, the desire of desirelessness realized. 
You cultivate the essence of desire-without-any-object by contemplating the reality of the self. As long as you perceive I, the self as a mortal form, as a mortal body mind, you will continue to feel separate and to seek objects for your happiness. 
The contemplation of the reality of the self is essential.

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