Contemplating the divine

Contemplating the divine, opens your heart to the infinite, to the eternal.
If you single heartedly contemplate what am I? What is the reality of this experience?… Without accepting any second hand answer from the mind, your path home will be paved with revelations.
If your interest remains in the world body mind, you will find yourself engrossed in the phenomenal, in the impermanent, and the peace and happiness that your heart desires will evade you.

WVO: Like the Tibetan book of the dead says: “Hold on to the clear light” or like Nisargadatta says: “Hold on to the I AM” . It will take you to the source. Away from the distraction of appearances. It is the shortcut to Self. In a way it is just around the corner. Nearer than hand and feet.

GV:  Who there to hold on?

Magdi: Until the illusion of separation has completely vanished, do your best to recollect and contemplate the unborn.
If you accept an intellectual understanding that ‘there is no one’ and ‘nothing to do’ you will be celebrating prematurely and will end up in the turmoil of the mind.
Only the establishment of causeless peace and happiness is the true celebration.

WVO:  If you keep your rudder straight, you’re bound to sail into dissolution.

GV: At dissolution who is there celebrating?

Magdi: Celebration does not refer to a someone. It refers to causeless peace and happiness.
In other words the end of the sense of separation and the virus of mortality.
The end of the sense of lack and dis-ease. There is only one reality and that is the reality of consciousness

GV: To hold on to ‘I am’ is misleading. The energy of attention bending back on itself seems a better pointer.

WV:  Consciousness talks to conscioussness about conscioussness.

GV:  Doing something to end the sense of a separate doer is not quite right. Seeing the doer is empty conceptualization perhaps?

WV:  why make it so complicated?  Perhaps ‘tacit understanding’ is a better expression.

GV: From here, to hold on to what cannot be grasped is a mental complication.

Magdi: Simply inquire into the impression of separation, the impression that I am a mortal body mind. What evidence is there that supports such a position? In time the belief structure dissolves and the me feeling becomes less convincing and the Self will effortlessly reveal.

WV:  The persisting gaze (which is not a grasping) upon the I AM or Clear Light will result in the dissapearance of the both experiencer and the experienced. Oneness will remain.

GV:  Yes when the inauthentic is not, the authentic is what is. But calling it Self or God or anything else is to conceptualize what cannot be conceptualized and as such is inauthentic

Magdi: You can call it ‘authentic’ if you like. It’s not a mind event. The word Self refers to the experience (or rather non-experience). Whereby the sense of separation is terminally ended and peace and happiness are eternally established.

GV: He who says he knows (conceptually) knows not. Those who think they know teach paths to get there.

Magdi: What matters is your own realization. Follow the path that speaks to your heart and not to your mind. The path that leads you to peace.

BM: The only actual “path” is the course of life itself.

Magdi: Indeed. But somehow instead of celebrating this amazing mystery, we live in a contracted state. We live from a sense of lack and incompleteness. It is not possible to celebrate life while we are infected with the virus of mortality and identification with the mortal body mind. In a way, our suffering keeps us wondering and exploring. Once we exhaust all the external avenues to happiness, there is a possibility to realize that happiness does not depend on any situation, on any relationship, on any condition.
We are then closer to the realization of causeless peace and happiness.

GV: Dear Magdi, a path with heart means peace now right? not a means to a future hoped for end.

Magdi: Absolutely.
The ‘real’ now, that is not a mind concept. It is eternal peace and happiness.

GV: There may be further unfolding or flowering but that is not brought about by me.

Magdi: Absolutely.
In fact, nothing is brought up by me. The separate self is a dream character

GV:  Ok nothing is brought about by desire and effort to become.

Magdi: Sometimes our love fuels our effort. Such effort does not seem to be an effort since we are loving what we are doing. Like a musician can spend hours on end practicing and loses track of time. Yet for someone who does not love music, even 30 minutes may seem like hours. ‘Effort’ that is fueled by our love for truth is not effort… It is passion of sort.

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