Consciousness knows itself without the mind.  I know i am. So what? How is this helpful?

Comment: Consciousness knows itself without the mind.
I know i am. So what? How is this helpful?
When you believe yourself to be the mind, when you define yourself by thoughts and sensations, by the mind, you are overlooking your Self-knowingness and you are relying on what you experience to determine your true nature. You are relying on thoughts and sensations to know yourself.
Overlooking your innate Self knowingness keeps you dependent on thoughts and sensations and subject to the coming and goings of thoughts and sensations.
Your question is: How helpful is it to know that I am already Self knowing?
In other words your question is: How helpful is it for me to stop mistaking myself to be dependent on the dream thoughts and images of the mind? How helpful is it for me to be free from ignorance of my true nature?
Very helpful.
Consider the following: Consciousness is the only I am… Void of mind, independent of mind. What you truly are is the knowingness that we refer to as consciousness/awareness.
Although consciousness (I) appears as mind, it (I) is not defined by its appearance. You (I) are not defined by any body mind appearance.
Mistaking yourself to be an appearance, you experience limitation, separation and the sense of lack and imminent danger.
Contemplating your true nature, reveals that you are not what is known, you are not what appears and rather, you are the formless knowingness that knows itself by itself, within itself without any props.
Thus, you can realize the freedom and unconditional transparency and reality of the Self and you are no longer haunted by what appears and by what seems to happen at the body mind level.

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