Clarity and harmonious living

I do agree that clarity is helpful for a more harmonious living.

When we confuse the content of our experience (which is constantly changing) with the changeless reality of experience, we are missing the core of the teaching.

The non dual teaching does speak of the principle of non-doing (non activity). Meaning remaining still, unmoved and resting as being.

The teaching goes way beyond non-doing (allowing what is) and points directly to the reality and universality of consciousness as the one and only reality.

A glimpse in our true nature (which I refer to as enlightenment) is very important but it is only the beginning of the spiritual journey. A glimpse into our true nature has an impact on the mind. It brings clarity to the mind but does not reveal the complete peace of being. The initial clarity that results from the glimpse (into our true nature) is most often short lived.

Beyond the glimpse, there is a long journey of contemplation and living one’s evolving understanding. At some point, the seeking ends beyond any doubt as we are established in/as the peace and happiness of our true nature.

As our contemplation deepens, we realize that there is no enlightened person and in fact, no person at all. Never was and never will be.

Non duality is a direct pointing to the wholeness of being. A direct pointing to the reality of I/consciousness, not personal, not limited, non phenomenal, eternal and infinite.

Knowing yourself is knowing truth rather than the content of mind. We all seek this knowingness. Knowing ourself is knowing happiness. It is not seeking a state. Happiness is our true nature.

The sages speak of Turiya, the non-state, the end to the belief and feeling that I am a mortal body mind, the end to the belief and feeling that I am an experience in time and space.

Degrees of clarity refer to the mind. Clarity of mind may lead to a more harmonious life.

Although clarity of mind is important and helpful it is not the revelation of our true nature. It is not the experience of happiness.

At the body mind level, conditioning remains no matter what. Non duality is not about the end of conditioning. It is about understanding/knowing oneself (the true Self, the real ‘I’).

Not merely understanding at the mind level, but an understanding that removes the unhappy sense of separation, a lived/living understanding with no one doing anything.

We all seek happiness. We all know happiness. Happiness is not out there in any situation, in any condition, relationship or experience.

It is what we truly are, what consciousness is.

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