Can the Self get out of the Self?


Magdi I just heard a talk where the teacher is saying: ‘the self cannot get out of self and that is not bad news.’ He was referring to the personal self. He claims that is all we need to understand.
What is your opinion and take on this?
Such a teaching (if you want to call it that) assumes a separate self. When you look for the separate self, you do not find it. You only find awareness/consciousness.
The separate self impression is unhappy, limiting and is the sense of separation. It is a mind impression that require certain sadana to reveal its illusory nature.
No mental process, no thinking nor any new belief will free you from the viral infection of separation.
The sadana of surrender and Atma Vichara (inquiry) are essential to dissolve the vasanas.
The guru appears when you are ready and reveals your true nature as the Self universal.

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