By Ted Thompson: Awareness

By Ted Ted Thompson:
“One only knows awareness by being awareness.
Words can point to awareness but cannot delimit the limitless.
Awareness is the only knower.
The mind exists in a realm of illusion.
Awareness is experienced and known when the attention returns to its home in the heart, far beyond all thought, sensation, breath or subtle subliminal movement.
Once awareness is recognized as the Self, then it is known by being that, in all times and places.
If the Self is always masked with thoughts and perceptions, how can one know its true face?
All pointers exist in the mind only. One must discover what the pointers point to.
One must go beyond all human pretense to unveil the self. In nakedness of spirit, in emptiness of mind, illusions collapse into the heart and the Self is revealed, Self-Aware, Self-Luminous, Self-Revealed and forever after, Self-Revealing in every moment.
It is the Source of all things.
All the wisdom in the universe is contained in That. Truth is its very nature. To know it is to be it. It is what one is.”
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Ron S: Once you know something, it’s not that.

Ted Thompson: Awareness is known in the sense of being aware of. In that sense your statement would mean that if you are aware of something, it’s not that. Ron, are you not aware of being aware???

Ron S: No, I am not aware of being aware (what does it even mean??). The statement stays: once you are aware of/know something, is it NOT that. Why? – Because awareness/knowledge has two characteristics: 1) It changes, i.e. is not permanent, and 2) It belongs to a person (who is an illusion). While Beingness/What Is, has nothing to do with changes and is not personal. Knowledge and awareness are the same. Both are illusory, as they belong to a “me” (also illusory).

Magdi: Ron, what is awareness without Beingness? Are YOU not aware?
1. If you are not aware, then you are not aware of these words here. Which is ridiculous.
2. If you are aware, then you are awareness. Meaning you (beingness) and awareness are one.

Ted Thompson:  Ron, Awareness is the only constant and unchanging factor in all experience. Awareness does not belong to a person but is totally transpersonal and transcendental. To be is to be aware. Awareness and beingness are identical.

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