Being aware of being aware can be understood as ‘being/awareness’, meaning there is no separate you that is being aware of being aware. It is awareness aware of itself.
One could say it is awareness being-itself, in other words being knowingly awareness, without reliance on memory, without reliance on thought, without past and future.

Being the witness has a hint of a separate subject observing an object. Being the witness is a helpful sadhana that quiets down the mind’s activities and in a way, neutralizes the mind, or invites the mind to neutrality. It also reduces the tendency to react to various events. Although this practice quiets the mind, there is a further step to go which consists in knowing yourself as awareness and knowing everything as awareness.

The contemplation of: I Am, and: I am aware as well as: I am aware of being aware, and the contemplation that it is awareness that is inherently aware by its very nature, so to speak, is instrumental in the realization of being knowingly awareness.
The contemplation of:’ What am I truly?’ or ‘What is the reality of my experience’ may also be helpful.

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