Before the concept, is the stillness


Before the concept, is the stillness. Uncaused, Not the result of thought. We recognize the peace before the word, before having any words for it. No words are needed as truth cannot be encapsulated, bottled up. Truth cannot be formulated. There is no way to grab it, to possess it.
Outside of thought, there is no one to grab it, to own it. Although truth cannot be grasped by the mind, cannot be comprehended, you cannot deny it, you cannot deny the reality of consciousness, the peace, the causeless peace of our true nature.
Before the thought IT is, during the thought IT is, after the thought IT is.
A thought arises and IT is. Beingness Awareness is independent of thought, independent of mind.
Peace, Stillness is the reality of our being, the reality of Being, universal Being.
Reality cannot to be augmented or diminished. It is untouched by whatever appears, whether what appears is a sensation, perception, or a mentation.
All what appears is empty. The meaning we give to what appears is empty.
Whatever you are conceptually entertaining, whatever you are conceptualizing, whatever you are narrating, whatever you are emoting… is empty.
Your personal hopes and dreams, your entire mental realm, your accumulated knowledge, your string of relationships, your thoughts, your ideas about yourself, about life, about work, about money, about your future, your partner… are empty.
Outside of the thought and feeling that I am a person, that I am born, where is the person?
Outside of thoughts and conversations with yourself, which are empty dreams, empty conversations with a so-called myself, where is the person?
What is the person that you identify with/as? What is the person you tell yourself you are outside of thoughts and images?
Where do these thoughts arise?
To what do they arise?
What is it that you truly know, that is not thought, that is not mentation? What is it that you know with absolute certainty? What is that you truly know that is not a memory that is not from the past?

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