Awareness is our natural state

Although awareness is our natural state, we feel there are boundaries and imitations simply because we identify with the body mind.
This identification is not imposed on us. In a way, it is our choice to buy into this mass neurosis and experience this sense of lack.
Maybe we enjoy the hide and seek game? Maybe we enjoy imagining we are a mortal body mind only to experience the joy of our return home as universal consciousness?
Whatever appears to us does not change the fact that we are the borderless aware space.
Even the thought that this aware space is personal does not make it so.
As we ponder theses questions, it becomes clear to us that we are not a limited personal self and that we are this open aware universal presence.
In this understanding all our inherited angst dissolves, revealing the glory and magnificence of our true nature.
~~~    ~~~


Leo R:  I hope to be the open aware universal presence all the time. I still often think that I’m the limited personal self!

Magdi: Whenever the me thought and me feeling arise, notice the open space into which and out of which they arise and dissolve… Without any judgement. If judgment arises, notice the open space as well. Also contemplate that the me feeling, although it is unhappy, does not really touch you or harm what you truly are.

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