Am I human, divine or both?


Does it really matter what label you use? What do these terms mean and who cares?
Does a label help you to know yourself?
Does any label reveal what you truly are? Is it really helpful to engage in endless debates that take you deeper and deeper in your feelings and in your mind? This type of debate is a veil that keeps you from being still and listening openly. 
A label is mind. It is thought . Is it not?
Thought is conditioned.
Can a thought express what you truly are? Does thought have the necessary purity required to reveal truth?
It is true that once you know yourself, then you can use thought to express that which you know. You can use language which is symbolic to express what you have discovered.
But what matters is not the words but the discovery itself.
Rather than debating whether I refers to human or divine, find out what I is. What am I truly? What is it that is real in my experience?
Find out for yourself. Dig deeply into what is I?
Sages who have been interested in self discovery and not in debate and intellectual prouesse have spoken the best they can to draw a map so to speak.
It is said that you cannot find out what you truly are via thought or via feelings. Not via discourse.
They speak of going directly to the source via listening to the teaching, reflection, contemplation and meditation.
Hearing the Dharma, reflection and meditation are different from thinking.
They are before thought, before the download of the past.
What you truly are can only be revealed to you. And this revelation cannot be second hand.
It has to come to you from truth and not from any mind download.
The source of truth is truth itself.
Call it human or divine or both, it does not matter, since truth is nameless and not definable by relative thought.
It is beyond any names.
I go by no name, no form.
I go by all names and all forms.

Your passion for truth and dispassion for appearances help you in maintaining your focus on the Self.
Rather than hiding your unhappiness behind endless debates, awaken to the causeless happiness that you are.
The light of Being shines and guides you.

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