About shame

One could be ashamed of a silly thing, such as being one inch too short, or having improper table manners, etc.

Sasa Gyoker After a Storm           We pick up all sorts of silly emotions when we are young and vulnerable.

Many adults are too callous and insensitive towards children and are very careless. At school friends mock of us. At home and in public, our parents scold us out of their own sense of shame, etc.

Once we inherit these emotions, we don’t like them and we want to avoid them, but we can’t. We are unable to face the pain and unhappiness that our image has caused in our sensitive body mind. So we engage in all sorts of avoidance.

Many of us, unable to look squarely at ourselves, unable to acknowledge our emotions and fears, avoid them via all sorts of dissonant behavior that does not free us at all.
On the contrary, avoidance exacerbate the situation…

Once we decide to move towards the emotion and explore with courage, determination and freshness, we might encounter the open space of presence that is what we truly are, that is our true nature.

It is in this revelation that the shadows are revealed to be illusory and the light of freedom, happiness and truth shine.

Photo by Sasa Gyoker

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