About right and wrong


Right and wrong apply at the mind level. Love and Truth are not sourced from the mind that perceives opposites. They are absolute and transcend thought.
Love, Truth illuminates thought but is not illuminated by thought. Thought is known and is not-knowing. The light of knowingness belongs to consciousness/awareness and not to the mind.
Truth is neither right nor wrong. 
As long as there is personal identification, as long as there is a sense of separation, unhappiness is unavoidable. No matter how you spin it.
The separate personal self goes hand in hand with the impression of a personal thinker and personal thought, which leads to a confused mind and unhappiness.
All sorts of abuse can be seen in our societies. So miserable is the sense of separation and alienation. Our wholeness and indivisibility is overlooked by the impression of personhood.
Spiritual contemplation is about awakening from the illusion of separation and not about a better mind or a better life.
It is via awakening from the illusion of separation that the happiness of the Self is revealed and lived.
Happiness lives itself upon the end of ignorance.

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