About psychological thought

Psychological thought refers to the me-thought.
** There is the subtle me-thought/feeling that is below the radar (We could refer to this as the me-feeling)
** There is the less subtle me-thought (We could refer to this as a negative emotion) that is the irritation of the me-feeling (such as: This foolish driver cut me off in traffic. What a stupid driver he is)

Then, there is practical thought, like the thought: My car is low on fuel and I need to refuel it soon. or the thought :Today is Sunday, I’ll go for a hike along the water falls.

The ending of practical thought does not necessarily imply the ending of psychological thought.

Even the ending of the negative emotion does not imply the ending of the me-feeling.

For the ending of ignorance, the full revelation of the Self is necessary whereby the me-feeling is completely seen through.

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