About ‘Hereness, Presence’

About ‘Hereness/Presence’

In ‘Hereness/Presence’ there are not two.
‘Hereness’ is quite different from I am here as someone (a body mind object) existing in some physical location. The statement: ‘the oak tree is in the yard’ refers to an object in relation to another object.
Hereness/Presence does not refer to a relationship between objects. 
In ‘hereness’ there is just hereness without any objective reference.
That can only be understood and lived when the separate self, the separate me is seen through. 
The separate self can be revealed to be absent. It can be realizing that it was never real. 
The only reality to our experience is awareness/consciousness and not the separate self that appears as thoughts, feelings and images.
Once you realize Santa Claus is not real, you can no longer return to believing that he is.

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